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iTunes: 7228 commercial individual track downloads in ANZ since Feb 2011. Over 1050 album sales since October 2011; Over 16,000 GAY PIRATES downloads worldwide in 2011.

Over 2 million views in 2011 on www.youtube.com/cosmojarvis

Over 700,000 views on GAY PIRATES video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dysG12QCdTA

Over 22,500 Facebook fans since start of 2011 www.facebook.com/cosmojarvis

Over 6,000 followers on Twitter since start of 2011

JJJ play list on all three single releases in Australia, 2011

Debut Sydney & Melbourne shows both SOLD OUT – Oct 13th /14th 2011.

USA College Radio Top 100, November 2011

USA MTV2 and MTVU play list – November 2011

Support from Huffingham Post, Consequence of Sound, NPR USA and other important US tastemaker sites

Press & Media Quotes:
“Singer songwriter Cosmo Jarvis is shaping up to be the spokesperson for his age group. I believe him to be one of the most potentially important and fascinating new artists around at the moment.” – Angus Beatty (The Guardian Sept 2011)

“It’s vivid, violent and the most tragically moving love song we’ve heard all year” (Gay Pirates) – Dan Martin, (NME)

“ Just like Tom Waits or Elvis Costello – both of whom blazed their own unique trails, here’s an artist that is cutting forward with such energized strokes, you have to assume responsibilities for you own failings if you can’t keep up. If you like easy sing-along with confrontational, charismatic flavors, you better get yourself a copy; this is your album of the year. – Buzzinemusic US (Oct 2011)
“Rare is the artist who is really weird and still wonderfully talented. No one combines humour and misery as succinctly or as ear – catchingly as as Cosmo Jarvis. And that ain’t no joke. Consequence of Sound (Oct 2011)

“You’ve got to go with the whole Cosmo Jarvis trip, find the bits you like out of it. He puts a lot of stuff out there so take what you want from it” – Alex Petridis (Music journalist)

“It’s a rare example of an artist following his instinct and his heart, and making the album he wants to with little regard for its commercial viability” – BBC Music Live ( Oct 2011)

“Cosmo Jarvis is a very interesting example to me of a new kind of person; a new kind of artist”; “A one in a million artist” - Brian Eno (BBC6 Music)

“Wonderful, I’d love it even if it weren’t about Pirates!”- Steven Fry

“The Gay Pirates video is absolutely bloody brilliant!”- John Lloyd (Director, 9 BAFTAS 2011)

“Inarguably gifted he makes films as well as writing, playing and brilliantly engineering his inventive music. A fab new talent with imagination overload” – James McNair (Mojo)

Cosmo Jarvis is also a film maker and scriptwriter having written, directed and shot all his own music videos as well as short films.

Album released in UK, Europe, USA and ANZ Q4 2011.

New Album “Think Bigger” due for release worldwide March 2012.